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Internet Security

Internet & Computer Security

Is your computer crashing? Are there pop-ups appearing without your prompting?
Are applications like Microsoft Word running very slowly?

You may have a virus in your PC or laptop. Or, it could be other malware (destructive software).
It could be simply be a nuisance like unwanted messages appearing on your screen or it could be seriously harmful if the malware tries to delete or steal files from your computer. 

You would not want your passwords and financial information in the wrong hands. You might have read in the newspaper sometime about a hacker hacking into someone's system and stealing passwords or sensitive financial information. Hackers often target homes and small businesses since they don't usually have computer security experts on board to set up or run security software.

WOS can help you keep your computer safe with support services that include:

- First-level security settings on your computer, Internet connection and browser
- Higher-level security by installing and setting up a firewall (special Internet protection software)
- Identifying if the problems you are having are due to security breaches
- Fixing security breaches, if any
- Assessing the damage and repairing it
- Putting in place security measures to prevent attacks

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